About the Artist

Art is a snapshot in our journey in life~

This single quote encompasses so very much in a simple way. It is the epitome of my own journey with art in the medium of clay... it speaks my truth.

My journey in clay started as a hobby, just for fun you know. Something to play and experiment with. I always wanted to work with clay but never lived close enough to outlets or resources to get started. About 10 years ago I decided I was going to just jump in and do it! I've always been a self starter and learn by my mistakes. Oh boy do I have to learn by my mistakes!... but I digress~ I purchased a wheel and some clay not really knowing a lot about what I was doing. What I did know was I wanted to make strong functional pieces so I chose stoneware. Stoneware has been good to me. We have become close friends over the years as different clay bodies have marched their way thru my shop. I've worked with light, dark and everything in between in stoneware at this point and though they all have something different to say they all speak with big bold voices... pushing.... encouraging.... guiding me on my way to creating what they desire to be. 

Don't get me wrong. I do create ideas and sketches and have full intentions of what I envision to make. Sometimes this works as planned, but then sometimes the clay has its own idea of what it intends to be as well. So I allow it. I listen to and feel what it is that my piece is saying to me. It does, however, have its own story to live and tell when set free and released to the world. I love my work. I love each and every piece as if it were a child. They are an intimate part of me. It was very hard to put them out in front of people in the beginning, in their rough forms at that time. Its so very hard to expose yourself like that, to let people see what you created from your heart and soul in your shop with only you and your ideas and thoughts present. I don't mind it now. I am more confident in myself and how my work speaks to me and  I love sharing my work and discovering how it speaks to others. Its very surprising and profound sometimes. 

That brings us to today, or rather the present. During all my time in the beginning;; learning, trying, failing and retrying I've always envisioned pieces that I wanted to see come to life. I stop sometimes and hastily sketch out a rough idea so I wouldn't forget the shape or design. Sometimes I just put on some music when feeling creative and see what comes out. Music is my muse. After years of sketching and learning I finally started working towards bringing some of those complex ideas to life and this is where you find me today.

I started out teaching myself and watching how others worked and brought all that together to bring forth my ideas. It's forever a learning process. Whether its the final coloring or texuring technique or the building part itself. I love it. It's ever changing, always new. I could never be a production potter and reproduce the same pieces over and over. I'm so easily bored and I'm always looking toward the next level, to see just how far I can push the clay (sometimes just myself) towards new and exciting forms. 

As my journey continues to carry me along the river of life, I hope that you will join me and enjoy the ride always drawing inspiration from my snap shots along this journey. I also hope that you will share your love and stories of your own journeys with me along the way. This is the stuff that makes life the big bold magnificient beast she is!!



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