Inspiration! Where it comes from.

December 08, 2020

Inspiration is found all around us and different people are inspired in different ways by different things. My inspiration comes from what stirs my soul! Visually I love, and am drawn to, flowing curving shapes and lines. The fluidness of them feels in tune with my being and just feels good. I’ve always been drawn to these things in music or forms and even light shows. Light shows, or lazer shows, were always fascinating to me growing up because of how the light bends and flows…. Mesmerizing. I also strive to be naturally open to inspiration around me in that I don’t seek  to intentionally see or hear something inspiring but that I am open to seeing and hearing the beauty around me wherever I happen to be at. If you always look at the world with an eye that cares to see beauty there’s an amazing amount of it everywhere you go!

Music is also a strong source of inspiration for me. The right song or melody can either spur my motivation or make me want to grab a cold one and build a bonfire. Both of which can be equally satisfying…. depending on how thirsty I am……. ~ stares off dreaming of bonfires~….. Sorry, ok back to the blog!  I have learned over time that there are people that just listen to music, there are those that hear music and then there are those that feel it in their souls. Unbelievably there are some that don’t care about music at all, personally I think these people are a little sketchy, wink wink, but that may be a blog for another time!  Whatever your level of musical appreciation I think the effect of music can be a powerful thing. I know for me, the tempo and melody can really change the feel of what I’m working on as it stirs my soul and sometimes brings up visual forms. A lot of my random sketching is done when relaxing and enjoying some of my favorite tunes or exploring new bands. When I’m driving alone in my car I’m always listening to music and frequently have forms come to mind from the melodies.

You’ll see a lot of vining leaf design or trees and branches in my work. The nature aspect in my work represents my love of the outdoors and, more to the point, Spring! Spring is my favorite time of year because it represents rebirth and growth, the time when everything comes alive in celebration if you will. The moment Fall descends upon us I wait with bated breath for the invigorating intoxicating beauty of SPRING! There’s also a wonderful perfect imperfection in nature, and that goes for vegetation as well as people! I never get too hung up on making something rigidly perfect and instead allow some of the natural flow to stay intact, only focusing on the perfectly imperfect life of each piece. Given a choice I always gravitate towards anything organically constructed.


So find your inspiration by looking around you wherever you are to see what motivates and stimulates your senses to inspire you. You may or may not be creating art with your inspiration but learning what your talent is and expressing in it is part of the joy of life!!


Inspiration on my friends!